cello artwork linda molenaar

My work comes together through intuition and opens doors to the collective memory. They are images that the observer recognises, consciously or subconsciously, where in one is invited to give the work their own meaning. The work is often ‘animal-based’. We recognise much of ourselves in animals, we see our own behaviour mirrored in them. In my performances I bring these images to life through literal embodiment. My creations execute actions we all know: washing, knitting, digging, walking and spinning wool.

I create my objects from natural, often animal-based materials such as hair, leather, and fur, which carry their own story within. Through detailed craftsmanship I develop a deeper connection with the material. In a meticulous creative process, I remove from the material its original function and give it a new meaning, with several different layers.

What I would like to show is not entertainment, but ‘stillness’.

The work is created through a slow and deliberate process, in which rest and quiet play a central role. In this atmosphere my performances and sculptures are at their best. Space is created to reflect, to stand still, and from there, to look closely. My sculptures may look true to nature, the acts mundane; the spectator will not always experience this as logic. They are accessible, but raise questions at the same time.