TuTu 2017 met Buste 2018

The power of quantity

In my work, I poetically question the human position in relation to nature. I use natural and animal (sometimes human) materials such as leather, hair, feathers and teeth as the basis for my sculptures and performances. These materials carry background stories and meanings. Their specific size and substance contain countless possibilities, including the limitations of the material. It is a challenge for me to transform these raw materials into a new convincing whole while respecting their previous existence. My work is created meticulously and consciously. I am a real maker and love detailed craftsmanship.

A patiently collected amount of the same materials is assembled together. Natural connections are made with repetitive, ritual, manual actions. The material gradually loses its original function and is reshaped. A thousand piano hammers sewn into a grand piano (wing), four thousand human teeth from 130 dentists becomes a grinding gear.

Both my performances and sculptures are at their best in an atmosphere of timelessness, peace and quiet. In my performances, I bring anthropomorphic images to life through literal embodiment. Actions such as combing, rolling and digging are recognisable, but also surprising. They raise questions, such as “what exactly am I looking at”. The mental space they create invites the viewer to stand still, to look closely and to descend into their own perception.

My oeuvre is sensual, stands on its own, has a soul and contains something hopeful. It is made by head, heart and hands.