cello artwork linda molenaar

Recognisable images invite the observer to give my work their own meaning. I work use intuition to open the doors of collective memory. My creative baseline is (animal) nature—we recognise much of ourselves in animals and we see our own behaviour mirrored in them. In my performances, I bring these images to life through literal embodiment.

My work engages actions we all know: washing, knitting, digging, combing, and spinning wool. I often create objects from natural materials that carry their own stories that are closely related to animals—hair, leather, teeth, and fur. In a meticulous process, I develop a deeper connection with these materials through detailed craftsmanship, gradually shedding their original function and adding layers of new meaning.

My work emerges at a slow and deliberate pace. Both my performances and sculptures are at their best in an atmosphere of rest and quiet. The space they create invites the observer to reflect, to stand still and, from there, to look closely. My sculptures might look true to nature and my acts might appear mundane. They all might also feel strangely accessible. But there remains a sense of disquietude, of searching and questioning, in my refusal to take nature for granted.

Silence contains deeper layers that can only be understood through attention. My work invites you to explore this.